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Dare Cessna 140 Balsa Aircraft Model Kit

Another in a series of great-flying Bill Schmidt rubber powered true scale lightplane designs, and is a "natural" for free flight scale. This model makes an excellent flying ship!
When the government announced that the Post War GI Bill would pay for pilot training, Cessna found itself without an aircraft for the market. They shelved the model 190 and looked around at the immerging two place market. Carefully studying the innovative metal Luscombe Silvaire, Cessna designed their new airplane with control wheels instead of control sticks. They added wing flaps and more horsepower in a new Continental C-85-12 with a full electrical starter and generator. The Cessna model 140 was a better buy for nearly the same money. A classic was born and the rest is history. Rubber Power Free Flight True Scale
Wing Span:26 in.
Plane Length:17 in.
Wing Area:104 sq. in.