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16mm Dice

SKU: CHH2500
Perfect weight 16mm dice to either replace some that you lost or add to a fun game to make it more interesting. Includes One die in Assorted Colors. Please specify the color you prefer in the notes section of checkout. *There are no guarantees you will receive the color you want but we will do our best to accommodate. Colors Available are:
    • White with Red Pips

    • White with Black Pips

    • White with Green Pips

    • White with Colored Pips

    • Red with White Pips

    • Blue with White Pips

    • Green with White Pips

    • Blue with Pink Pips

    • Black with Red Pips

    • Black with White Pips

Product Item #: 2500P 16mm Dice for all your gaming needs.  Either replace what you have or add to the fun with these perfect 16mm dice.


  • 16mm