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Glue Lopper v3

SKU: CVD102*


THICK GLUE LOOPERS V3 THE THICK LOOPERruns on capillary action and a unique "loading" technique. It uses a similar action to a quill pen and draws .015" lines with your favorite THICK glue. Never miss another drop. These stainless steel micro glue applicators fit right in your hobby knife and save space in your toolbox. Applicator loops use capillary action and are perfect for handling any low-viscosity cement. Ditch that old brush and start applying liquid cement or CA glue EXACTLY where you need it most, no more unsightly glue lines to polish out! Micro-applicators are also perfect for CA accelerators with no overspray, small weathering jobs, paint touch-up, or even lubricating tough-to-reach areas on model engines. Set of twelve reusable stainless steel applicators with four each of small, medium, and large loops that are designed to fit in most hobby knife handles.