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Chicago Great Western Number 54. maroon, black; Lucky Strike Logo. N Scale Alco RS2 DCC equipped

Chicago Great Western #54 (maroon, black; Lucky Strike Logo) N Scale Alco RS2 DCC equipped

SKU: ATL40004622


This detailed Atlas Master N Scale Alco RS2 diesel is a replica of the American Locomotive Company's versatile four-axle rod switcher introduced in late 1946. The successor to the popular RS1, the RS2 featured a rounded carbody, a cabside fuel filler cap and many upgrades. The most notable feature was its new 244 prime mover, which increased the horsepower to 1,500, a 500hp upgrade over the RS1. With the added horsepower, the RS2 was received well by railroads and just over 370 were constructed for the U.S. and Canada. They were used on general merchandise freight, heavy coal trains and in passenger service. This N Scale Alco RS2 features a slow-speed motor with dual flywheels, low-friction mechanism, directional golden-white LED lighting, a factory-installed DCC decoder, accurate decoration and AccuMate(R) magnetic knuckle couplers. FEATURES: ¥ Scale Speedª motor ¥ Powered low friction drive ¥ Blackened metal wheels, dual brass flywheels ¥ Directional lighting ¥ Golden-White LEDs ¥ AccuMate¨ knuckle couplers.