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4S LiPo Completer Pack

SKU: TRA2997
The new 2997 X-Maxx completer pack features even more power and iD convenience with the high-output EZ-Peak Live Dual Charger. The Traxxas iD system removes the guesswork from charging batteries

2997 Completer Pack Quick Features:

  • Includes two powerful 6700mAh 4-cell LiPo batteries for X-Maxx
  • EZ-Peak Live Dual charger with 200 Watt 26+ amp output
  • MAXX charge feature gets you back in the action quickly
  • One button LiPo storage charge protects your battery investment
  • Easy to use interface with dual LED charge progress indicators
  • Supports Traxxas EZ-Peak Live Application
  • Audible Alerts and dual high-flow cooling fans
  • Advanced Mode for full manual control through EZ-Peak Live App
  • Built-in 2-amp USB charger output port