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MG ZGMF-1017 Mobile GINN (1/100 Scale) Gundam Model Kit

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The Mobile GINN, the iconic mass-produced units from the Cosmic Era, will be available in the MG form for the first time based on designs created by mechanic designer Junichi Akutsu! Utilizing the ZAFT ZGMF frame introduced in the MG Zaku Warrior, this and upcoming products will replicate the common parts of mass produced suits from ZAFT! The flexible movements of the backpack thanks to an inner frame have been recreated with a wide range of articulation and armaments' based on new interpretations will be included.


  • Heavy Blade
  • 76mm Heavy Assault machine gun
  • Magazine rack
  • 2 missile pods
  • 4 hand part sets(left/right)
  • 3 hand expression parts
  • 1 set of foil and marking stickers