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King Kong Glow Edition (1/25 Scale) Figure Model Kit

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Dimensional Branding Group (DBG) and World Builder Entertainment are excited to announce a new agreement between DeVito Artworks and Atlantis Toy and Hobby to bring the original 1960's King Kong model kits back to a new generation of fans.

At 1/25 Scale, Kong Stands nearly 10 inches tall when complete! This kit comes with King Kongs body parts molded in dark brown, and his head and feet molded to glow. The kit also includes square glow parts and the accessory parts, not seen since the last glow in the dark issue in 1972.  The kit includes 3 palm trees on the accessory mold and one tree on the glow parts mold. Plus duplicate parts as well such as the nameplate, trees, woman figure and other accessories.