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Turntable 7-1/2" Diameter Atlas N Scale

SKU: ATL2790
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When you have a larger layout you need a way to get all the cars around so this Atlas N Turntable 7-1/2" Diameter #2790 is perfect for your layout. Fill it up and start connecting the cars to your N-Scale locomotive. N Scale manually operated turntable by Atlas Model Railroad Co.


  • 7-1/2" diameter turntable deck
  • Smooth operation.
  • 21 track positions.
  • 15 degree stall spacing.
  • Geneva movement locks table in exact position every time.
  • Simulated wood brown turntable deck and concrete gray pit ring.
  • Completely assembled.
  • Can be easily motorized with Atlas N Scale Turntable Motor Drive#2791.
  • Detailed pictorial instructions.