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Ladder Ball Game Set with Carrying Case & Ground Anchors



Each ladder measures 34" tall, 18.5" wide, and stands on a 23.5" base which can be secured with sand at the beach, or with the included ground anchors on grass. Speedy, simple assembly. Ladder Ball is a great family game for players of all agesThe new centerpiece of your backyard barbecues, beach trips, and outdoor gaming experiences! Ladder Ball is an ultra-portable, ultra-fun toss game that can be played just about anywhere. Just assemble your ladders, plant your ground anchors, and toss those bolas! The game is simple: the top bar is worth 3 points, the middle bar 2 points, and the bottom bar 1 point, but you must score exactly 21 points--no more, no less. Can you skillfully wrap your bolas around the right combination of bars to win? Our ladder ball set packs up neatly into its handy nylon carrying case and assembles in under a minute. It's a game that has been labeled "hillbilly golf" in some circles as well as "ladder toss" and has been a classic cookout/backyard/tailgating/college party game for decades! The set can go anywhere and play anywhere--even indoors! We designed our bolas to be softer and safer, so even rainy days can't wash out the fun. The set also includes full instructions for play and assembly, as well as ground anchors to keep your ladders upright in the grass. Each ladder measures 34" tall, 18.5" wide, and stands on a 23.5" base.