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Dare Piper Clipper PA-16 Aircraft Model Kit

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Another in a series of great-flying Bill Schmidt rubber powered true scale lightplane designs, and is a "natural" for free flight scale. This model makes an excellent flying ship!
The full scale plane was purchased by Bill Schmidt from a farmer in Kansas in 1964. After restoration was complete in 1973, the jewel-like yellow Clipper was flown to OshKosh to pick up a first place win as "Best Piper Clipper" in the big show, a feat that Bill and his plane would repeat in 1976. Although we do not include in instructions, this kit can also be converted to electric.
Wing Span:23. 5"
Plane Length:16"
Wing Area: 92 sq. in
Full size plan, hardware & AAA laser cut light weight balsa parts, complete motor assembly and light weight Japanese Tissue. Weight: 35 g.