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German Field Works of WWII Book


This interesting booklet is profusely illustrated with drawings of field fortifications used by the Germans in World War II. The massive strength of many of the fortifications illustrated is obvious and there is a great similarity between German and Japanese fieldworks of this period. The writers of this volume were trying to present a vast array of makeshift fieldworks that could be constructed in a short time frame and making use of materials which were likely to be available to the infantryman in the battle area.

Originally published in 1942 as Bildheft Neuzeitlicher Stellungsbau. This version published in the UK by Bellona Books in December, 1969. 78 pages. Private collection, excellent condition. Some slight cover wear. 


  • Paperback
  • 78 pages
  • Re-Print of the 1943 edition
Estate sale item - not returnable.