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Loyd Carrier No.2 MK.II (1/35 Scale) Plastic Military Kit


The Loyd Carrier is one of several tracked vehicles produced for British Commonwealth forces in World War II for use as scout vehicles, transports, and prime movers for infantry support weapons. In the case of the Loyd Carrier, it was used primarily to move the 6 pdr anti-tank gun, crew, and ammunition around the battlefield. Produced from off-the-shelf components, the Loyd had a drive train from a Fordson truck, the track from the Universal Carrier, and the engine from a tractor. Over 26,000 examples were produced with initial service in 1939 and some remaining in service into the 1960s. Bronco Models has released this new-tool kit of the Loyd Carrier in 1/35 scale and I must say this kit is impressive. Molded in green styrene, the kit is presented on 20 parts trees plus one fret of photo-etched parts. Given that this is a small open-topped vehicle, it shouldn't take very many parts to replicate, but Bronco Models provides a completely detailed engine and interior including crew stowage.