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Wooden Track Switches

SKU: BRI33346
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It's easy to see why BRIO has become the No. 1 wooden toy company in the world. Even with something as simple as a curved switching track, their always-vigilant attention to the little things is amazing. Each of these two curvy Y-shaped pieces measures about 3 by 6 inches; grooved tracks on both top and bottom allow children to change the track's direction by simply flipping the piece over. This opens up a variety of traffic patterns: straight, S-turn, half-circle, or reverse S, for starters. And BRIO's knob-and-hole attachment system is simple enough for even the smallest railway workers to manipulate. The kiln-dried tracks are guaranteed to be free from flaws such as knots or cracks (not to mention insecticides and toxic chemicals), so every smooth beechwood piece will still be around for your great-grandchildren to enjoy. Compatible with Brio, Melissa & Doug, and Thomas and Friends track sets. These make it possible to extend the track and make it go in another direction. The foundations to every railway set. Select some extra pieces to extend your current track. The Original Wooden Railway! BRIO created the first wooden railway in 1958. Since then we've built up the world's largest range of wooden railway items. Our modular system offers endless layout possibilities and endless fun. The tracks are crafted from the highest quality beech wood, making them durable for years to come. These items are compatible with the BRIO Railway Sys


  • Provides straight or curved direction options when creating a new layout
  • Comes with one large piece and one medium piece
  • Works with any BRIO track
  • For ages 3 and above
  • 3+