Maxi-Cure Extra Thick CA / Insta-Set Accelerator Combo Pack Kit 157H

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Bob Smith Industries has created a unique combo pack that contains a 1 oz. bottle of its extra thick Maxi-Cure CA in a Pocket CA bottle with a 2 oz. spray bottle of its Insta-Set Accelerator and two #304 extender tips. This combo pack is great for those who are carpenters who specialize in a wide variety of wood working projects from picture frames to wood ceiling moldings. Maxi-Cure extra thick CA is the best CA for most plastics, including GE's Lexan MAXI-CURE is the best choice for plastic model assembly. Maxi-Cure bonds fiberglass, hardwood, metal and rubber better than any other hobby adhesive. Insta-Set Accelerator is a catalyst which acts as an accelerator that allows CAs to quickly cure in thick layers by enhancing the alkaline conditions during polymerization. Insta-Set Accelerator in a spray bottle is normally used to cure the CA that flows from joints when parts are pressed together. Guaranteed Fresh! Our products don't sit in a warehouse for months, but rather days. We order on a bi-weekly basis from Bob Smith Industries so you are getting some of the freshest cyanoacrylate possible! Refer to the chart below for product uses.