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Candy Claw Machine

SKU: THK550103


  • Build & engineer your own arcade-style claw machine!
  • Experiment with three different types of claws (pincher, scoop, and three-pronged) to pick up lollipops and decoy candy boxes (both included!).
  • A fun yet challenging, gamified approach to engineering lessons, you’ll learn about hydraulics, levers, gears, belts, linkages, end effectors, and more.
  • No batteries or electricity are required; it uses only the power of your hand and the mechanical advantage of the machines built into the device.
  • Refill your machine with your own treats and prizes for long-lasting fun.
  • For ages 8+ with help; 12+ "I got this!"
  • IMPORTANT: This cute candy claw is a challenging build! Parents/adults will need to be active participants in the assembly and engineering of this product.
  • IMPORTANT: Download and read the instruction before use. We recommend using the step-by-step assembly and troubleshooting videos available online.
  • Build Time: Approximately 2-3 Hours
  • The Toy Association's 2022 STEAM Toy of the Year finalist!