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Procor GP20 20,000-Gallon Tank Car Ready to Run Procor Ltd. PROX Single Car

SKU: RPI135005-4


Founded in 1952, products Tank Line (renamed Procor in 1962) constructed their manufacturing plant in the mid-1950s in Oakville, Ontario. Initially, engineering was supplied by the parent Union Tank Car Company. In the 1960s, Procor assembled its own engineering department and crafted a series of standard design tank cars which paved the way for a new generation of equipment, with many modern designs reflecting this new standard. The GP20 (the tank car, not the locomotive) was suitable for lighter density commodities that would not congeal or freeze in cold weather, such as various oils and fuel. The same car could also be equipped with interior heater coil pipes, such that the contents could be reheated. The same basic design - including tank diameter and length - was manufactured from 1969 until 1984. The GP20 was constructed with both 70-ton and 100-ton capacity trucks. Later designs were also equipped with a separate fittings dome (in addition to the manway assembly fitting), which allowed the tank rating to be upgraded from 60 psi to 100 psi.

When production of the GP20 tank car was completed in 1984, Procor had built almost 1000 cars of this design. They are in use across North America in both fleet service and lease service to numerous companies. Common reporting marks carried by these cars included UTLX (Union Tank Car), PROX (Procor), NCTX (North American Car Co.), BCOL (British Columbia Railway), and CP (Canadian Pacific Railway).


  • Drawn from original blueprints and drawings
  • Artworks sourced from original design drawings and photos
  • Photo-etched metal walkways
  • Detailed vent stacks, loading hatches, air tanks, and braking equipment.
  • Kadee #158 whisker couplers installed from the factory
  • Early car style features 70-ton trucks with 33-inch wheels and an exposed drain valve.
  • Late car style features 100-ton trucks with 36-inch wheels and a reinforced drain valve housing.

Tank car Numbers:

RPI135005-1     #46005


RPI135005-3     #46016

RPI135005-4     #46019

RPI135005-5     #46022

RPI135005-6     #46038


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