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MAMBA X, 25.2V WP ESC,1406-3800Kv Sensored:Crawler (1/10 Scale)

SKU: CSE010015511
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The Mamba X Crawler edition is our latest offering for the crawling crowd. We have taken our new 1406 low kv crawler motors and paired it with the high power, ultra reliable Mamba X ESC. This combo is ideal for low speed crawling or trail running in vehicles weighing up to 9lbs on 2s; it can also be used in more aggressive setups like rock racing and extended hill climbing on vehicles up to 5lbs. It can also be used in 2WD buggies, stadium trucks and 4WD touring cars; equivalent in RPM output to approximately a 10.5 turn. Your ESC will come with our newV2.02 firmwarethat has been enhanced for rock crawling and sensored operation. Package Includes: product Item: 010-0155-11 / 010015511 FEATURES:
  • INPUT VOLTAGE RANGE OF 2S-4S(with included motor) with an internal8A ADJUSTABLE BEC(5.25V-8.0V)
  • Housed in aRUGGED CNC-MACHINED ALUMINUM CASEand potted inWATERPROOFepoxy to withstand the most extreme driving conditions and environments.
  • Removable30MM COOLING FAN
  • Recon G6 Certified
  • Paired with the improved4-POLE 12-SLOT SENSORED1406-2280KV SLATEmotor provides precise throttle control and buttery smooth starts
  • ConvenientTRANSMITTER PROGRAMMINGfor six common adjustable settings.
  • Access to Castle'sINDUSTRY LEADING SOFTWAREwith use ofCastle Link USB(coupon included for free USB with purchase) and freely downloadableCastle-Link Windowsª program, or the Castle Link iOS App and aB-LINKª Bluetooth Adapter(sold separately) for anytime, anywhere system adjustments.Click here to see the Mamba X Castle Link Settings Overview.
  • Firmware updates available with use of Castle Link USB and Castle Link Programming Suite.
  • DATA LOGGINGcaptures and records performance data for maximum optimization of both performance and battery life
  • AUXILIARY WIRE FUNCTIONALITYallows for on-the-fly adjustments such asROCK RACE/CRAWLER MODE.These adjustments can be made real time, while driving, right from your transmitter.
  • Castle'sSMARTSENSEªsoftware, enabled by default in the Castle Link Programming Suite, will use the motor's sensors to provide smooth starts, excellent torque, and low-speed drivability. Once the motor is turning, it seamlessly transitions to Castle'sULTRA-EFFICIENTsensorless mode withELECTRONIC TIMING.Smooth sensored startups and high-efficiency sensorless running makes the Mamba X system produce more power and less heat.
  • QUIETSENSEªis an innovative advancement in the design of sensored motors to deliver the highest precision and most efficient startup.
  • Mamba X ESC featuresAUDIBLE ALERTSthat will notify you of possible issues with calibrations and error conditions to help diagnose problems in the field.
  • Mamba X isTELEMETRY READYwhich means owners of the Futaba T4PX or 7PX Transmitters will be able to purchase the Castle CreationsTelemetry Link for S.BUS2.Real-time data such as ESC temperature, voltages and RPM can be monitored to ensure performance advantages and spare you the unknown parameters that all R/C enthusiasts experience at some point. Telemetry data provides another level of protection and can increase performance.
  • Additionalfeaturesare continued inFEATUREStab.
  • Additionalspecificationscontinued inSPECIFICATIONStab.

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