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Steps & Ladders (Pack of 4)

SKU: CVM1602
Steps & Ladders by Central Valley Models / HO Scale

This is the second of this series of products and we think it will be even more popular than the HO Fence package has been. Again, the package will include (4) "sprues" of ten different step and ladder materials. This package provides an incredible value for the scratch building modeler. This item along with the fences, bridge girders, and bridge tie-sections solve many difficult or nearly impossible modeling problems for the modeler. Included in the package are the following items: A. Open riser stair case. Approx. 24" B. Closed riser stair case Approx. 24" C. Wood Ladder Stock Approx. 24" D. Steel ladder stock Approx. 24" E. 10ft. step ladder (2 pc.) 4 items F. Steel ladder loop tops 4 pair G. Wood ladder - round rung 4 items H. Wood ladder - slat rung 4 items I. Freight car ladder 8 items J. Wood stair railing Approx. 24"