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Nitro Line Red 2'

SKU: DUB2234
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DU-BRO 2234 Nitro Line Red which comes in 2 foot lengths. This is a Bundle of 2 Feet of Silicone Fuel Tubing. This product can be used for pressure lines and nitro fuel lines. FEATURES:
  • Red in color
  • Standard diameter
INCLUDES: One 2-foot section of fuel tubing REQUIRES: Cutting to required length. SPECS: Length: 2 feet (609mm) Inner Diameter: 0.08" (2mm) COMMENTS: This product can be used for any application requiring silicone fuel tubing. cmc 10/17/03 BOX DIMENSIONS: 2.88" W. X 1.00" H. X 6.75" L. BOX WEIGHT: .07 LBS.