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Extra Long Kwik-Klip II

This is a locking glow plug clip. It attaches to a glow plug with a clipping action to hold it on securely. This is to be used with a 1.5V battery or a power panel. Includes: 1- locking glow plug clip. Features: Spring loaded clip is made of Chrome Plated Steel and Red plastic. Clip length: 3-1/2" Wire length: 29" Handy rubber cap to prevent shorting. Will hook to most glow plugs but not glow heads (e.g., Cox engines) Requires: Either Alligator clips (HCAP0108), or banana plugs (HCAP0310). To hook to battery or power panel. gab06/12/94 BOX DIMENSIONS: 2.50" W. X 1.00" H. X 7.50" L. BOX WEIGHT: .14 LBS.