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Motor Mount .45-.80 4-Stroke

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This is a DU-BRO .45 80 4 cycle vibration-reducing motor mount.


*Made of aluminum *Two-piece design allows for many different engine sizes to be mounted *Effectively reduces vibration/harmonics, greatly reducing airframe & component fatigue *Simple & easy to install *Specially designed elastomerics(rubber mounting grommets) to absorb vibration *Helps in airframe noise reduction


One left half of mount Eight elastomerics One right half of mount Four mounting screws Eight spools Four blind nuts SPECS: length of each arm - 3 1/4" overall length of mount - 4" 10/10/95mlw BOX DIMENSIONS: 5.50" W. X 1.25" H. X 8.00" L. BOX WEIGHT: .39 LBS.