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Exhaust Deflector .20-.34

Made of heat resistant silicone, DUBRO Exhaust Deflectors feature a 45 deg. bend that dierects exhaust residue out and away form your plane's finish. These attach to the exhaust outlet of the stock muffler with tie straps that are in- cluded.


THIS FITS THE FOLLOWING ENGINES: K&B .20-.28 SPORTSTER IRVINE .20-.30 R/C (including MK II ) O.S. .20-.32 R/C (including FP, SF, FSR, LA, and FX) O.S. .61-.1.20 FS ROYAL .25 R/C BB, ABC SUPER TIGER S-.25-.45 (including K series), G .40-.49 This divertor will fit an exhaust outlet between 5/16" & 3/8".


One deflector and two tie-wraps. - (1) exhaust deflector - (2) tie straps BOX DIMENSIONS: 3.25" W. X .50" H. X 5.00" L. BOX WEIGHT: .02 LBS.