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Kwik Fill Fuel Pump


This is the Dubro Kwik Fill Fuel Pump.


Works with gasoline (see COMMENTS) and glow fuel Instructions are printed on the back of the header card.


Pump, pickup filter, fuel cap fitting, filling probe, cap fitting nut O-ring, 48-3/4" (124cm) section of tubing for glow fuel only, mounting chain REQUIRES: Routing tubing and attaching to fuel jug as shown on instructions SPECS: Pumping Rate: 3 revolutions = 1oz (30ml) Inner Diameter of Glow Tubing: 0.12" (3mm) Outer Diameter of Glow Tubing: 0.24" (6mm) COMMENTS: If using with gasoline, Tygon tubing #506 DUBQ0495 must be purchased jxs 12/28/04 ir/jxs BOX DIMENSIONS: 6.50" W. X 2.50" H. X 7.00" L. BOX WEIGHT: .38 LBS.