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E/Z Fill Fueling Valve

This Du-Bro E/Z Fill Fueling Valve is for aircraft with engines and fuel lines in hard to get at places such as cowlings. FEATURES: Two-position valve assembly, out to fill tank, in to run engine Fits planes up to 1.20 size Plastic construction, black in color INCLUDES: Du-Bro E/Z Fill Fueling Valve with cap SPECS: Overall Length: 1.1" (29mm) Hex Nut Size: 1/2" (13mm) Hole Size (drilled through cowl): 3/8" Length Inside Cowling: .6" (15mm) lmm 12/23/08 ir/jxs BOX DIMENSIONS: 4.13" W. X .63" H. X 4.13" L. BOX WEIGHT: .02 LBS.