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Enterprise Set (1/2500 Scale) Science Fiction Kit

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Through the generations, STAR TREK has introduced several versions of the U.S.S. Enterprise. It all started with the classic NCC-1701 featured in the Original Series and the look of the ship evolved and grew in subsequent movies and television programs. In all, seven different ships dutifully held the namesake of the original Enterprise under the command of Captain Archer to Captain Kirk through Captain Piccard. This set showcases all seven versions of the ship all in the same 1/2500 scale including for the first time ever an all-new 1:2500 scale kit the NX-01 Enterprise! Each kit is injected in color and snaps together so no glue is required. Pressure-sensitive decals provide intricate surface details, pennants, and registry letters without the need for water or detailed painting. Every ship comes with a sturdy base.

  • Includes seven complete kits with display bases
  • All-new 1:2500 scale NX-01 Enterprise
  • Injected in color
  • Extensive pressure-sensitive decals eliminate the need for water