BT-80 Body Tubes by Estes 303090

BT-80 Body Tubes by Estes 303090

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Here we have a single BT-80 Body Tubes (1) by Estes. When you want to fly higher with your hobby rockets you need these BT-80 Model Rocket Body Tubes by Estes. Suitable for Ages 10 & Older with Adult Supervision for Those Under 12.


One BT-80 Body Tubes Product Item #: EST303090


  • Strong and lightweight tubes
  • Used for custom model rockets or repair work
  • Plain brown tubes with a thin wax coating
  • Can be cut to needed length
  • Works with the NC-80b nose cone


Inside dimension: 2.56" (65.7mm) Outside dimension: 2.6" (66mm) Length: 14.2" (36.1cm)


Use tube couplers to join tubes of the same diameter, or use as support while cutting.