.100" Rod (Pack of 5) by Evergreen Scale Models 213

.100" Rod (Pack of 5) by Evergreen Scale Models 213

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The package contains 5 .100" white styrene plastic round rods from Evergreen Scale Models. Product Item #: 213


Solid white styrene round rods are sturdy and durable for any model. Flexible plastic rods may be cut to fit your needs for any size scale of structure. Used for bracing, cabling, piping, wiring, conduit or wherever round stock is appropriate. Ideal for all facets of scratch model building. These precision extruded styrene plastic rods are user friendly and economical.


Five .100" Plastic Round Rods


Actual Size: .100" (2.5mm) Length: 14-1/4" (36.2cm)


When modeling, use glues recommended for styrene plastic.