.187  3/16" Tube (Pack of 4) by Evergreen Scale Models 226

.187 3/16" Tube (Pack of 4) by Evergreen Scale Models 226

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Package of Four 3/16" (.188 Dia.) Styrene Tube Strips from Evergreen. They are for experienced model builders. Product Item #: 226


White styrene tube strips are 14" long. Used for piping in industrial complexes or for flatcar loads. May also be used as round pylons in bridge, pier, and other structures. Ideal for museum quality and smaller scale model construction where assembly speed, profile accuracy, and cost are the determining factor. Sturdy but pliable tubes may be cut to suit various model purposes.


Four 3/16" Styrene Tube Strips


Selected Model Project for Use


Length: 14" (35.8cm) Diameter: 3/16" (.188")(4.8mm)


Keep out of reach of small children.