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Heavy Duty Dual Servo Extension 6 J

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This is the Futaba J-Series Dual Heavy Duty Extension. This extension comes from the receiver and allows two servos to be connected for dual aileron servo applications. On one end of the wire is a male connector, the other end has two female connectors. The female connectors are molded together unlike a Y-harness that splits apart.


Connectors slide snugly together to guard against vibrating loose. Gold-plated terminals improve conductivity and prevent oxidation for longer lifespan. Heavier, 20-gauge wire handles higher current loads with ease. Functions with standard or digital servos


One Futaba J-Series Dual Heavy Duty Extension


Wire Gauge: 20 Wire Length: 6" (152mm) Wire Color Codes- Black: negative Red: positive White: signal (polarity tab is on the signal side)