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German Kubelwagen Type 82 (1/35 Scale) Military Model Kit

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After embarking on the construction of the ""Autobahn"" motorway in 1933, development of a ""people's car - Volkswagen"" was declared at the following year's Berlin motor show. The ""People's Car"" project was immediately carried out and in February 1936, Dr. Ferdinand Porsche presented his first prototype, which was the very root of the fabulous Volkswagen ""Beetle"". However, along with the outbreak of the World War 2, all manufacturing of the Volkswagen was immediately turned to military production. It was in January 1938, when the German Defense Forces presented specifications for a military version of this practical vehicle. In November of the same year, a prototype model was completed and it was officially designated the Pkw. K1 ""Kubelwagen"" Type 82.