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Redneck Life: Bustin a Gut Expansion

SKU: GUT1001
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Redneck Life: Bustin a Gut Expansion Back for more? Redneck Life Expansion: Bustin' a Gut! will add to the fun and laughter of Redneck Life Board Game with 20 more Redneck Rigs, 10 more homes, 50 more Go Redneckin' Cards, a whole new set of charts and even new names! New Revenge Cards are sure to start some feuds. There are bigger cash prizes, some pyramid schemes, and even a chance to steal a mobile home from another player! Prepare for more young'ens as there are double the The Darryls (red headed step-kids)! The rigs and homes are more extreme, and the charts have all new careers (Porch Couch Lounger... yeah) and a new name chart will have you rolling! Wouldn't it be great to be "LeRoy BoDean" or "Big Ann"?