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Kadee #511 Bettendorf T-Section Fully Sprung Metal Trucks HO Scale


Bettendorf T-Section Fully Sprung Metal Trucks Code 110 (.110") 33" Ribbed-Back RP-25 Wheels 1 Pair by Kadee Quality products / HO Scale Metal fully sprung equalized trucks mount with a #2 or 2-56 screw, sold separately. The Bettendorf T-Section truck was introduced in the 1920s with a one-piece cast side frame. It had a life similar to the Andrews truck. Truck Features: * Code 110 (.110) 33" ribbed back wheels * Accurate markings * Incredible detail true to prototype * Non-magnetic metal wheels * Highly flexible sprung trucks * Metal side frames and fully sprung bolster * Smooth tracking free rolling contoured insulated axles * RP-25 free rolling wheels