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Kadee #522 36" Diameter Smooth "Standard" Wheelsets (25) - Code 110 HO Scale

Code 110 (.110") 36" Smooth-Back RP-25 Wheelsets (Package 12) by Kadee Quality products / HO Scale Smooth wheelsets are most commonly found on all diesel era rolling stock. Kadeeå¬ wheel sets are manufactured to the most exacting standards and feature: RP-25 contour, non-magnetic metal wheels and insulated needlepoint axles. Here we have a Kadee #522 HO 36" Diameter Smooth "Standard" Wheelsets (25) to get your locomotives running smoothly. Let's ride the rails and get truck'n. Wheelset Features:
  • Code 110 (.110") "standard"
  • Accurate markings
  • Incredible detail True to prototype
  • Non-magnetic Metal wheels
  • Smooth tracking Free rolling Contoured Insulated Axles
  • RP-25 Free rolling wheels
  • Needlepoint Axles
  • Freight & Passenger Usage