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Curved Track R3 22.5-Degree (8'2" Diameter)

SKU: LGB16000


LGB Curved Train Track, R3, 22.5 / G Scale. Each track piece sold individually. Wide-radius R3 curves are perfect for your biggest trains. 22.5 means 16 sections make a 360 degree circle. LGB track has solid brass rails and realistic ties. It's rugged and reliable for years of indoor or outdoor use. The wide radius R3 curves are ideal for using long locomotives and cars and for designing spacious LGB layouts. 16 sections of track in radius R3 with an angle of 22.5 result in a circle (360). Features:

  • 1 Section of Track
  • 22.5
  • 360 degree circle requires 16 sections of track
  • G Scale