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USS Carronade (1/168 Scale) Boat Model Kit



  • Highly detailed plastic pieces molded in gray.
  • Paper flags and pennants.
  • 2 twin 40mm bofors cannons.
  • 5" gun turret - "Baby Huey".
  • 8 twin mark 165 rocket launchers.
  • Thread for rigging and railings included.
  • Life boats.
  • Rudders propellers.
  • Rotating gun turret.
  • Display stand with nameplate.
  • Illustrated instructions.


The USS Carronade was commissioned in 1955 and was designed to provide close in fire support for amphibious landings. Her 5" gun was the same weapon mounted on US destroyers and had proved itself in close in support over and over during WW II and its eight 5.5" automatic rocket launchers could fire 30 rockets a minute, meaning 240 rockets could be on their way to some unlucky target within one minute. Because of her cruiser type bow and potentially heavy firepower, she was often called a "bobtailed cruiser" due to her superstructure being so far aft. As a matter of fact, one release of this kit was titled Bobtail Cruiser and not USS Carronade.