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FasTrack Uncoupling with 5 Straight Track O Scale

SKU: LNL612020
Lionel Remote Control Magnetic Uncoupler in 5" 12.7cm Straight Track for FasTrack(TM) Track with Roadbed - 3-Rail. FasTrackå¬ Uncoupling Track from Lionelå¬. Suitable for Ages 8 & Older.


Has a patented easy-to-use locking mechanism No need to worry about loose connections, track alignment or electrical continuity Realistic appearance with engraved ballast and track ties Convenient screw holes in the track base allow for easy permanent installation Durable, secure connections provides extra stability for layouts on carpet, or any other surface Power connections can be made under each section Central magnet is activated by remote control


One Uncoupling Track One Half Straight Track One Controller Button


Lionelå¬ FasTrackå¬ Layout


Scale: O Length: 5" (127mm)