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FasTrack Figure 8 Track Pack O Scale

SKU: LNL612030
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Lionel Figure-8 Track Pack for FasTrack(TM) - 3-Rail. This track pack allows you to make a figure eight starting with your train set's original oval. It includes four O-36 curves, four 5" straights and a 90-degree crossing. FasTrackå¬ Figure 8 Add-On Track Pack from Lionelå¬. Suitable for Ages 8 & Older.


Makes a figure 8 with Lionel ready-to-run train set oval and the pieces in this add-on pack. Has a patented easy-to-use locking mechanism. No need to worry about loose connections, track alignment or electrical continuity! Realistic appearance with engraved ballast and track ties. Convenient screw holes in the track base allow for easy permanent installation. Durable, secure connections provides extra stability for layouts on carpet, or any other surface. Layout diagram printed on package.


(4pcs) O36 Curve (4pcs) 5" Straight (1) 90 Degree Crossover


(1) FasTrackå¬ Train Set Loop -or- (2) FasTrackå¬ Curved Track 4-Packs (1) FasTrackå¬ Straight Track 4-Pack


Scale: O 1/48 Layout Dimensions: 39.5" x 90.5" (100cm x 230cm)