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O-54 Wide Rad Curved Steel Track O Scale

SKU: LNL665554
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Lionel O-54 Curved Track (16 Sections Needed for 54" Circle). O Gauge Track System - 3-Rail. Straight pathway 14-1/4", curved 14-1/8", Train Master Command ready. Perfect for all those wide radius locations on your layout. O Gauge Section of 54" Wide Radius Curved Bulk Track from Lionel.


Rails are slightly taller than O-27 gauge track. Silver colored metal rails with black metal ties. Easy to use, extremely durable and reliable. Designed for maximum conductivity. Track rails are shaped to minimize wear on train car wheels. Sixteen of these sections will form a circle 54" in diameter.


One Section of O Gauge 54" Wide Radius Curved Bulk Track.


O Gauge Train Equipment Adult Supervision


Scale: O Gauge Length: 10-3/8" (269mm) Width: 2-1/4" (58mm)


Larger locomotives and cars will not accommodate tighter curves. Check the minimum radius required for each item.