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Aqua Pen Graphix Set 12-Colors: Mega Mash

SKU: MR0145000100
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Let your imagination run free! Aqua Pens are versatile watercolor pens in a vibrant array of colors. Water-based Graphix Aqua dual-tip pens offer water-based pigment ink in a range of brilliant colors, especially for painting on watercolor paper. Use the contoured tip for details and crisp lines or the flexible brush top to apply color. Draw or color lines and solids as you would with any marker, or blend and spread the color with a damp brush for paler hues and shading. The Mega Mash 12-Color Set includes black, lemon, red-orange, cherry red, light pink, plum, antique green, avocado, dark green, aquamarine, petrol, and dark brown.