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Hot Wheels Super Bank Blast-out set set

Hot Wheels Super Bank Blast-Out

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  • Kid-favorite sets that rev the imagination and unlock storytelling action
  • Hot Wheels City sets focus on thrilling performance with recognizable locations and surprising action.
  • Multiple features for hours of epic fun with friends.
  • Connect sets directly to each other using the new connection system.
  • Kids can create a world of track with iconic city locations and 1:64 scale cars.
  • Colors & Decorations may vary


Go on adventures in Hot Wheels City with deluxe city themed play sets! Awesome sets include big key features and performance push-around-play the Hot Wheels way. Featuring the Hot Wheels City Super Spin Dealership with 4 levels of stunting action for an epic test drive.

Kids can test their and stunting skills with the multi-level launcher! Fill the dealership tower with up to 8 Hot Wheels cars and spin the handle to display them. The Hot Wheels City Super Bank Break-In lets kids spin the vault dial until it clicks into place to unlock the vault. Then stunt a Hot Wheels car through the loop inside the bank so the vault door swings open releasing the money.

Load Hot Wheels coins (included) or real money into the top of the vault. Kids can even park their favorite car in the vault for safe keeping! Speed off for more adventures in Hot Wheels City. Everything connects within Hot Wheels City and all Hot Wheels tracks and play sets with our new connection system. Includes one Hot Wheels vehicle. Age range is 3+