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Nobler Kit

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This Old Time Stunt Legal Nobler is an accurate duplication of George Aldrich's Original Nobler. Wing Span: 50 in. Plane Length: 37 3/4 in. Wing Area: 540 sq. in. Engine: .35 to .46


A special message from George Aldrich: This Brodak Kit is of the Original Nobler. When preparing for the first time Vintage Stunt Championship in 1988, I pulled out the remnants of my Original Model that had crashed due to a broken line. Faced with a 500 piece jigsaw puzzle, I abandoned the idea of restoring it. Cleaning off my drawing table, I sat down and drew the first plans of the Original Model. When I drew the plan for the M.A.N. Article my '51 Plymouth INTERNATS, winning Original was still in Detroit. When I did the Top Flight Kit Drawing in 1956. This model was stored at my parents home four hundred miles away. The drawing used for the Brodak Kit is an accurate duplicaiton of the Original Nobler to the nearest .001. This version was the best flying model I ever had. I hope it gives you as much pleasure as mine did."

Kit Features

Full size plans, Step-by-step instructions, Built-Up fuselage, Select AAA balsa, Pre-bent landing gear, Clear molded canopy, laser-cut plywood doublers, laser-cut ribs, Adjustable leadouts, Brodak heavy duty nylon bellcrank, leadout wire kit, Full hardware package, weight box, Decals.