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Treaded Lite Wheel 2-1/2 (2)

SKU: OHIWR25-5725
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Lite flight wheels are the best, maintenance free wheels you can buy for your model. the tires are made from thick, durable foam mounted on sturdy hubs. The injection molded snap-together hubs are durable and have no threads to jam on the axle. There are two distinctly profiles available. Our original wheels (squared-off profile) provide maximum surface contact. Our treaded wheels (rounded profile) have treads which will add scale appearance to any model in your air force. *(All wheels are sold in pairs.) Formally: DAVWR25-5725


Two 2-1/2" Treaded  Lite Flite Wheel


Hubs fit 1/8" axles, but may be drilled out to fit 3/16" axles maximum.