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P-51B Mustang (1/48 Scale) Aircraft Model Kit

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Plastic 1/48 P-51B Mustang Airplane from Tamiya. The first Allison powered P-51's were good airplanes but lacked the high altitude performance to be effective bomber escorts. That changed when the basic P-51 airframe was mated with a Rolls-Royce Merlin engine to create the P-51B. Tamiya's rendition of the Mustang builds up into an impressive, highly detailed 1/48th scale replica with accurate interior and exterior detail. High quality water activated decals are included for three aircraft.


Highly detailed 1/48th scale plastic kit for static display. Approximately 60 parts in medium grey and clear with fine recessed panel lines. Accurately captures features of P-51B: wings, gear doors, canopy. Multi-part canopy may be posed open or closed - Malcolm Hood included. Main wheels have separate hubs for easy painting. Highly detailed cockpit with accurate instrument panel, seat, control stick and rudder pedals, bulkheads, and sculpted pilot figure. 2 styles of exhaust stubs, optional position flaps, drop tanks. Detailed pictorial instructions.


Single sheet of InvisaClear decals by Scalemaster. These decals are very precisely printed so that the clear carrier layer is kept to a minimum and does not show on the completed model. 1: 336th FS 4th FG Capt. D Gentile "Shangri La". Top: Olive drab; Bottom: Neutral Grey; Spinner: White w/red stripe. 2: 358th FS 355th FG Lt William Hovde "Ole II". Same as A: except; Spinner: Cream. 3: 339th FS 504th FG "Bonny Bea" S/N 210933. Fuselage: Bare metal w/Olive drab anti-glare panel; Wings: Silver; Spinner: White w/red stripe (decal); Nose: Red and white checked. Paints Required: Colors are all flat except where indicated: Detail colors: Interior Green, Black, Silver, Yellow, Red, Blue, Khaki, Tan, Buff, Gloss Red, Semi-gloss Black, Flesh, Green, Brown, and Gloss Blue.


One 1/48 P-51B Mustang Airplane


Assembly Hobby Knife Paint: (see MARKING OPTIONS) Brushes Sandpaper Cement for plastics (TESR3512) Nice-to-have tools: Needle File Set, Sprue Cutter, Airbrush and Accessories


Scale: 1/48 Wingspan: 9-1/4" (23.5cm) Fuselage Length: 8" (20.5cm)


As exquisite as the cockpit detail in this kit is it does suffer from a small accuracy problem. In the original Allison powered Mustangs the cockpit floor was actually the top surface of the wing , resulting in a curved surface. The change to the Merlin engine require modifications which made the fuselage taller. Consequently, a flat wooden floor was installed in all P-51's from the B model onwards. However, this kit has the curved floor appropriate to an early Mustang. It's easily fixed with some sheet styrene.