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Dirty Richard Single Stage Foam Med 133x54.5x53



  • Who is Dirty Richard you ask? Where is Waldo? Why is Bigfoot a fuzzy creature? Good questions, one and all. Pit Bull RC does have the answers to all of these, but won't tell.
  • Pit Bull RC told you they were coming out with new and exciting game changing products. Dirty Richard foams are just another example of the commitment to (hopefully) improving R/C and making it more affordable for all.
  • Pit Bull RC have been working hard on innovating foams to enhance your R/C experience! Over a year of testing to offer you products that Pit Bull RC hope you will be eager to talk about and use...over and over and over.
  • DIRTY RICHARD Single Stage Foams work with all Pit Bull RC tires and also most other brands (because really, how the heck would Pit Bull RC know without testing every single combination?). Pit Bull RC have a large variation of sizes from 3.7" OD to 5.4"OD fitment to offer in the following firmness: STIFFY (Firm), LEANER (Medium), LIMP (Soft).