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Plastic Weld Cement (1)

SKU: PLS00002
The Plastic Weld Cement.


Brush in cap Cements by capillary action Sets in minutes Used for bonding Plastruct ABS, Styrene, Butyrate or Acrylic to each other, or in combination.


One 2oz bottle of plastiweld cement CAUTION: Contains Trichloromethane. Do not take internally. Avoid eye contact and prolonged breathing of vapors. Use in well ventilated area. In case of eye contact, flush thoroughly with water for 15 minutes. May cause nausea. Avoid repeated contact with skin, and wash skin well after use. If swallowed, phone physician, local emergency hospital or poison center.

Warning: This product can expose you to substances known to the State of California to cause harm. Click here for more details.