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Interco TSL SX Super Swamper XL 1.9 G8 Rock Tires 1/10 Scale

SKU: PRO1197-14
This is a pair of Interco TSL SX Super Swamper XL 1.9" G8 Rock Terrain Truck Tires from Pro-Line.


Official licensed from Interco Tire Corporation Perfect for scale crawlers that want maximum ground clearance and unmatched rock crawling performance G8 rock crawling compound Nearly 1/2" larger in diameter and 1/4" wider than the original Interco 1.9" Swamper


Two Interco TSL SX Super Swamper XL Rock Terrain Truck Tires with oversized Foam Inserts


1.9" Rock Crawling Wheels Tire Glue DTXR2000, DTXR2002


Diameter: 4.75" (121mm) Width: 1.75" (44mm)

Warning: This product can expose you to substances known to the State of California to cause harm. Click here for more details.