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3/16 Wire Axle Adapter with 3/16 Axle

This is the Robart Axle Adapter with 3/16" Axle for use with 3/16 Wire Struts.  Sometimes you have to adapt in order to get your wheels spinning again.


Eliminates heating and bending axles and reduces the probability of damaging or breaking wire struts Flanged axle eliminates the need for outside wheel collar Linear dual set screw design (flat spots ground on one side of the wire only Compatible with Robart's compact Uni-Brake as well as the following Robart products; 510W1 523W1 551W1 511W1 524W1 604HD 513W1 525W1 606HD ROBQ0006 520W1 530W1 608HD 521W1 531W1 609HD ROBQ0609 522W1 550W1 611HD ROBQ0611


Two axles, two adapters, four nylon spacers and five set screws


Threadlocker for set screws, DTXR2010