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Adult Coloring Book: Doodle Explorations

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Coloring is one of the simplest arts, but it's not just for children. Adults need to explore their imaginations, too! Take a break and get inspired while coloring these dynamic doodles! Part of the Peaceful Adult Coloring Book Series, the pages of this book are filled with intricate images, vibrant patterns, and dream-like details to relax you, battle boredom, and inspire your inner artist.

Doodle-art expert Lei Melendres brings his technique to these elaborate designs that will propel your imagination to new heights. Navigate the twists and turns of these abstract arrangements; marvel at the intricacies of the images hidden within the designs! Immerse yourself in these detailed illustrations, which will not only test the limits of your imagination but provide a meditative result. While the designs are filled with whimsical characters, there's often an inspiring message in each artful page. Access your creative side and apply your favorite colors to these delightful pages.

In this book, you'll find:
An introduction on the cognitive benefits of coloring
Forty-eight black-and-white designs for you to color
Palette grids to help you envision your color combinations
Perforated pages so your finished artwork can be removed and displayed
The designs of this coloring book have been created with a compelling and inventive style that will provide a whole new world of coloring for you. Whether you're getting comfy at home or relaxing on your lunch break, these fun illustrations are guaranteed to provide hours of artistic inspiration. Gather your colored pencils, or whatever medium you prefer, and let your mind wander free.