Levitating Wand by Schylling RLW

Levitating Wand by Schylling RLW

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The Mysterious Levitating Wand is the perfect stage prop for every magician. Point, tap and wave over a trick with the wand to enhance the illusion! But this wand has hidden features to create a magical motion that will give an audience a surprise they won't soon forget. In no time, it'll be obvious that the wand is no ordinary prop!

  • From magic rabbit, possibly the most amazing and fascinating magic Trick ever, the levitating wand
  • More than just a stage prop, in the hands of a master it magically appears to levitate and float in mid-air
  • Defy gravity, mystify the audience and astonish even the most jaded observer; it's as if the wand were alive
  • Easy to learn, your slight-of-hand will establish you as a master illusionist

Product #: SCYRLW