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Slam Dunk Mad Libs

SKU: PRH37224


The idea is simple. Someone asks for a part of speech: a verb, a noun, an adjective, or an adverb. We’ve included definitions and examples of the parts of speech in case you’ve forgotten. Players call out their ideas to fill in the blanks. In the end, you have a story reeling from one silly sentence to another until nothing makes sense, but it all makes you laugh. That’s what you call a Mad Lib, the world’s greatest word game. Players have been howling with friends or laughing all to themselves for 35 years!

This batch is from the sporting world; where baseball, bowling, and hockey or even surfing and scuba diving become a game for hilarity. From the creators of the original Mad Libs, Slam Dunk Mad Libs will score big on the bench, in the bleachers, at a tailgate party or anywhere good sports can be found.